Highways and road construction

Copcan, working for the Ministry of Highways and local Municipalities, provides services completing all requirements necessary to construct and/or modify all aspects of road construction and highway infrastructure. 

MOTI- Westside Road Improvements

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Project No. 23697-0003
Project: Westside Road Improvements - 4 Mile Creek to Waterfront Farm
Value: $6,577,722
Completion: September 2017
Contact: Ken Gallagher, Ministry Representative
Tel: (250) 491-5442
 Description: The project included widening and realignment of approximately 1,260m of 2-lane rural road (Westside Road N. 138).

City of Rossland- Washington Street Infrastructure Improvement

City of Rossland - Contract No.  COR 2016-01
Project:  Washington Street Infrastructure Improvement
Value:  $6,040,000
Completion:  November 2016
Contact:  Sean Annan, ISL Engineering
Tel:  (250) 509-0347
Description:  The project included; complete reconstruction of 900m of arterial road, including all utilities, street lighting, landscaping and retaining walls; which included design and construction of temporary watermains and temporary storm and sanitary bypass systems, as well as extensive rock removal adjacent to a 150mm gas main.

District of Sparwood- Highway 3 and Highway 43

District of Sparwood - Project No. 2511-00439-1 
Project: Highway 3 and Highway 43 Earthworks and Underground 
Value: $3,620,000 
Completion:  July 2015 
Contact: Danny Dwyer, District Representative 
Tel:  (250) 425-6271 
Description: The project included; earthworks and deep utility installations including earthworks and site grading; watermain installation; sanitary sewer installation; watermain mechanical building; watermain hot box; storm sewer installation, and topsoil placement and seeding. 

MOTI- Highway No. 3/93 Galloway Eastbound Passing Lane

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Project No 23888-000
Project: Highway No. 3/93 Galloway Eastbound Passing Lane
Value: $3,150,371
Completion: July 2017
Contact; Ross Bain, Ministry Representative, Associated Engineering
Tel: (250) 977-5114
Description: The project included; quality management, traffic management, survey layout, clearing and grubbing, organic striping, profile milling, pavement removal, type "D" roadway and drainage excavation and surcharge removal; supply and place granular material, supply and install culverts, supply and install primer and tack coat, supply and place asphalt pavement; class 1 (16mm) medium mix, level course, asphalt bottom lift, asphalt middle lift, asphalt top lift, remove concrete roadside barriers (CRB), remove and dispose of existing signs, culverts and catch basins; supply and install new signs and posts, shouldering, site restoration, removal, supply, and installation of fencing, and clean-up.

MOTI- Highway 3B/22 Rossland Arterial Wall

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure- Project No 23752-0  
Project: Highway 3B/22 Rossland Arterial Wall and Road/Utility Improvements
Value: 2,211,211
Completion: December 2016
Contact: Angus Beattie, Ministry Representaive
Tel: (250) 608-1672
Description: The project included; removal of existing 140 metre long multi-component retaining wall and replacement with a cast-in-place concrete structure; excavation of 1 lane of Hwy 3B/22 and Upper Columbia Road to accommodate removal of stacked rock and bin wall parts; placement of new cast-in-place concrete footing and wall and re-established of both Hwy 3B/22 and Upper Columbia Road.