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Bridge Construction                

Copcan provides all aspect of bridge construction, reconstruction and demolition. 

City of Kelowna- Lakeshore Road Upgrades

City of Kelowna - Project No. T14-026
Project:  Lakeshore Road Upgrades
Value:  $8,000,000
Completion:  June 2015
Contact:  Forrest Klotzbach, Urban Systems
Tel:  (250) 762-2517
Description:  The project included; the reconstruction of a roadway corridor, bridge, precast concrete girder on steel piles which included travel and bicycle lanes; multi-use pathway, curbs and gutter; storm sewers, sidewalks, sewer and sanitary truck main; sewer siphon chambers either side of Mission Creek; pipe augured under Mission Creek; street lighting, landscaping and irrigation, and "in-stream" work including erosion control and riprap armouring.

MOTI- Little Sand Creek Bridge Replacement

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Project No. 23039-0001
Project:  Highway No. 3 - Little Sand Creek Bridge Replacement
Value:  $2,795,086
Completion:  August 2014
Contact:  Tim Dyer, Ministry Representative
Tel:  (250) 354-6187
Description:  The project included; the removal of an existing highway bridge and pedestrian bridge; provision of a temporary highway bridge and bypass; new bridge construction and cast-in-place concrete;  pre-stressed concrete stringers, grading, roadway and drainage excavation; clearing and grubbing; paving, roadside barrier, pavement marking, site restoration and landscaping, and in-stream placement of riprap and sediment control.

Parks Canada- Illecillewaet Bridge Repairs

Parks Canada - Illecilleweat Bridge Repairs
Project - Rehabilitation of Illecillewaet 3 Bridge Km 30.3 Glacier National Park
Value:  $2,116,000
Completion:  August 2015
Engineer:  Richard Singer, McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
Tel:  (587) 999-4338
Contact:  Billy Dixon, Parks Canada representative
Tel:  (403) 292-4456
Description:  The project included; removal and disposal of the existing bridge components; bearing replacement; supply and placement of new concrete deck overlay; construction of new cast-in-place barriers, and steel re-coating / painting.

City of Kelowna- Rails with Trails, Phase II

City of Kelowna - Project No. A13-026
Project:  Rails with Trails, Phase II - Bridge
Value:  $429,873
Completion:  May 2014
Contact:  Sam King, Associated Engineering
Tel:  (250) 763-3638
Description:  The project included; construction of 14m span heavy timber bridge across Mill Creek, including retaining walls, landscaping and paved multi-use trail.

Capital Regional District- Trans Canada Trail

Capital Regional District
Project:  Trans Canada Trail (Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail) Project Area 3- Goldstream River Suspension Bridge
Value:  $406,241
Completion:  December 2016
Contact:  Garth Campbell, C.Tech
Tel:  (250) 360-3054
Description:  The project included; construction of  a 1 metre suspension bridge, which included concrete abutments and rock soil anchors, and construction of approximately 267 of 2.0 wide rural trail.