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Bridge Construction                

Copcan provides all aspect of bridge construction, reconstruction and demolition. 

City of Nanaimo

City of Nanaimo
Project:  Seaspan Trestle Bridge repairs
Value:  $60,000
Completion:  January 2016
Contact:  Jan Mongard, City representative
Tel:  (250) 756-5321
Description:  Structured repairs to the Timber Trestle Bridge on Port Way to Assembly Wharf.

Parks Canada

Parks Canada - Illecilleweat Bridge Repairs
Project - Rehabilitation of Illecillewaet 3 Bridge Km 30.3 Glacier National Park
Value:  $2,116,000
Completion:  August 2015
Engineer:  Richard Singer, McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
Tel:  (587) 999-4338
Contact:  Billy Dixon, Parks Canada representative
Tel:  (403) 292-4456
Description:  The project included removal and disposal of the existing bridge components, bearing replacement, supply and placement of new concrete deck overlay, construction of new cast-in-place barriers and steel recoating / painting.

City of Kelowna

City of Kelowna - Project No. T14-026
Project:  Lakeshore Road Upgrades
Value:  $8,000,000
Completion:  June 2015
Contact:  Forrest Klotzbach, Urban Systems
Tel:  (250) 762-2517
Description:  The project involved the reconstruction of a roadway corridor, bridge, precast concrete girder on steel piles and included travel and bicycle lanes, multi-use pathway, curbs and gutter, storm sewers, sidewalks, sewer and sanitary truck main, sewer siphon chambers either side of Mission Creek, watermain, pipe augured under Mission Creek, street lighting, landscaping and irrigation.  As well, "in-stream" work including erosion control and riprap armouring.

City of Kelowna

City of Kelowna - Project No. A13-026
Project:  Rails with Trails, Phase II - Bridge
Value:  $429,873
Completion:  May 2014
Contact:  Sam King, Associated Engineering
Tel:  (250) 763-3638
Description:  Construction of 14m span heavy timber bridge across Mill Creek, including retaining walls, landscaping and paved multi-use trail.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Project No. 23039-0001
Project:  Highway No. 3 - Little Sand Creek Bridge Replacement
Value:  $2,795,086
Completion:  August 2014
Contact:  Tim Dyer, Ministry Representative
Tel:  (250) 354-6187
Description:  The project included the removal of an existing highway bridge and pedestrian bridge, provision of a temporary highway bridge and bypass, new bridge construction, cast-in-place concrete.  Pre-stressed concrete stringers, grading, roadway and drainage excavation, clearing and grubbing, paving, roadside barrier, pavement marking, site restoration and landscaping.  Project also involved in-stream placing riprap and sediment control.