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Civil Construction

Copcan maintains on going relationships with all levels of Governments throughout BC. 

Additional civil services include: 
• Complete subdivision development 
• Land clearing and burning 
• Brush cutting 
• Vineyard soil scarification

Snaw-naw-as (Nanoose) First Nations

Snaw-naw-as (Nanoose) First Nations
Project:  Site preparation and infrastructure installation 
Value:  $1,779,000 
Completion:  August 2016 
Contact:  Brian Chatwin Peng 
Tel:  (250) 753-9171 
Description:  Site grading and utility infrastructure installations including retaining wall construction.

City of Kelowna

City of Kelowna - Project No. T15-041
Project: Lakeshore Road Upgrade (Dehart to Bellevue Creek)
Value: $3,350,000
Completion: December 2015
Engineer:  Rob Fortuin, WSP Canada Inc.
Tel:  (250) 980-5500
Contact: Tim Plant, City of Kelowna
Tel:  (250) 469-8722
Description: The project consists of approximately 750m of road and utility upgrades with sidewalks, multi-use path, curbing, storm, water, shallow utilities and appurtenances; street light and traffic light; creek diversion; and landscaping and irrigation. 

City of Kelowna

City of Kelowna - Project No.  T15-0070
Project:  Dilworth Drive watermain replacement 
Value:  $1,082,000 
Completion:  December 2015 
Contact:  Brett DeWynter 
Tel:  (250) 980-7104 
Description:  Installation of approximately 1,100m of 300mm diameter PVC watermain; replacement of all existing valves and fittings; asphalt restoration; replacement of fire hydrants and curbs; and gutter and sidewalk replacement.

Nanaimo Port Authority

Nanaimo Port Authority
Project:  Asia Pacific Gateway - Uplands Civil and Electrical Work
Value:  $564,000
Completion:  December 2015
Contact:  Ryan Eathorne, Herold Engineering
Tel:  (250) 751-8558
Description:  The project consists of the construction of civil and electrical site works at the Nanaimo Port Authority deep sea terminal in Duke Point.  Work included asphalt removal; site excavation and grading; storm drain; underground piping; asphalt paving; fencing; security building demolition and construction; and electrical works.

Brymark Installations Group Inc.

Brymark Installations Group Inc. - Project No. 15-107-01
Project: Chevron Hatch Point Terminal - Ethanol Expansion Project
Value: $890,000
Completion: December 2015
Contact: Mark Messmer, Brymark Representative
Tel: (604) 944-1206
Description: All aspects of excavation, backfill and site grading work to facilitate the construction of concrete footings for the expansion of the existing facility.

Regional District of Central Kootenay

Regional District of Central Kootenay - File No. 6300-NEL
Project:  Grohman Narrows Transfer Station
Value:  $1,981,458
Completion: June 2014
Contact:  Uli Wolf, District Representative
Tel: (250) 352-6665
Description:  The project included clearing and grubbing, grinding, topsoil stripping and stockpiling, excavation and placement of gravel, excavation and placement of rock, seismic survey and monitoring.  Placement of footing, drainage PVC pipe, concrete footings, slabs, install pre-cast concrete barrier, street light poles, asphalt pavement, chain link fence and gates and other miscellaneous work.