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Civil Construction

Copcan maintains on going relationships with all levels of Governments throughout BC. 

Additional civil services include: 
• Complete subdivision development 
• Land clearing and burning 
• Brush cutting 
• Vineyard soil scarification
• Residential logging

City of Rossland- Washington Street Infrastructure Improvements

City of Rossland- Contract #COR 2016-01
Project:  Washington Street Infrastructure Improvements
Value:  $6,040,000
Completion: November 2016
Contact:  Sean Annan; P.Eng. 
Tel: (250) 509-0347
Description:  The project included; complete reconstruction of 900m of an Arterial Road, including all utilities, street lighting, landscaping and retaining walls; design and construction of temporary watermains and temporary storm and sanitary bypass systems, as well as extensive rock removal adjacent to a 150mm gas main.

City of Rossland- Spokane Street / Leroi Avenue Improvements

City of Rossland
Project:  Spokane Street/ Lerio Avenue Infrastructure Improvements
Value:  $5,324,400
Completion:  November 2017
Contact:  Sean Annan, P. Eng. at ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.
Tel:  (250) 362-2229
Description:  The project included; construction of approximately 1635 square metres of concrete sidewalk, 880 square metres of multi-use pathway, resurfacing of 3800 square metres of asphalt road, 7850 meters of PVC watermain replacement, 630 metres of sanitary sewer replacement, and 600 metres of storm sewer replacements and all associated services and appurtenances.

City of Kelowna- Lakeshore Road Upgrade

City of Kelowna - Project No. T15-041
Project: Lakeshore Road Upgrade (Dehart to Bellevue Creek)
Value: $3,350,000
Completion: December 2015
Engineer:  Rob Fortuin, WSP Canada Inc.
Tel:  (250) 980-5500
Contact: Tim Plant, City of Kelowna
Tel:  (250) 469-8722
Description: The project consists of approximately 750m of road and utility upgrades with sidewalks, multi-use path, curbing, storm, water, shallow utilities and appurtenances; street light and traffic light; creek diversion; and landscaping and irrigation. 

City of Kelowna- Ethel Street ATC Phase 3

City of Kelowna 
Project:  Ethel Street ATC Phase 3 & Saucier Avenue Utility Improvements
Value:  $3,271,093
Completion:  December 2017  
Contact:  Dave Pritchard, P. Eng. at True Consulting 
Tel:  (250) 861-8783
Description:  The project included; constructing concrete barrier curb, gutter, sidewalk, infill, cycle track, clearing and grubbing; excavation including asphalt, sidewalk, and curb; subgrade preparation including removal and replacement of unsuitable subgrade; import granular backfill, and drain rock; install granular subbase of road, parking, cycle track, unit pavers, and shouldering; asphalt paving of lower course, surface course, parking stalls, lanes, driveways, cycle track, supply and install specified vegetation; install irrigation water system, fences, traffic sign base, bollard, tactile braille warning strip, water main of various dimensions, water service connection of various dimensions, water main tie-ins, sanitary services, storm sewer replacements and all associate services and appurtenances; supply and install new signs and posts, shouldering, site restoration, and clean-up.

Snaw-naw-as (Nanoose) First Nations- Site Preparation and Infrastructure Installation

Snaw-naw-as (Nanoose) First Nations
Project:  Site Preparation and Infrastructure Installation 
Value:  $1,686,000
Completion:  June 2016
Contact:  Brian Chatwin P. Eng 
Tel:  (250) 753-9171 
Description:  The job included; site grading and utility infrastructure installations including retaining wall construction.

Town of Qualicum- Memorial Avenue Upgrades Phase 1

Town of Qualicum
Project: Memorial Avenue Upgrades; Phase 1 
Value: $1,088,000
Completion: May 2017
Contact: Matt Palmer, P. Eng a Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd.
Tel: (250) 248-3151
Description: The project included; installation of 950 metres of storm sewer piping ranging in size from 250-600 mm diameter; construction of an asphalt bike path approximately 340 metres long and 3 meters wide, and construction of bio-swales and installation of street lighting