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Environmental and Fisheries

Working hand in hand with Department of Fisheries and Oceans, BC Conservation Foundation and several environmental companies like Ducks Unlimited, Local Stream Keepers, Copcan routinely completes the following types of projects: 

Salt and fresh water projects: 
• Breakwater construction and maintenance 
• Dredging 
• Pier removal 
• Retaining wall construction and maintenance 
• Bank stabilization 
• Fish habitat enhancement 
• Dam and dyke construction and maintenance 

Small Craft Harbours, Fisheries and Oceans Canada- Marina Expansion

Small Craft Harbours, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Project:  French Creek Marina Expansion  (supply and place rock over 5 year period)
Value:  $5,000,000
Completion:  February 2013
Contact:  Andrew Cornell, P.ENG., Small Craft Harbours
Tel:  (604) 666-6724
Description:  The project was to construct approx. 300m of new breakwater and 250m of breakwater realignment which included ocean drudging and construction of breakwater and vertical stacked walls, including armour rock, filter rock and core fill.

Ruskin Construction Ltd.- Duke Point Marine (Seaspan)

Ruskin Construction Ltd.
Project:  Duke Point Marine - Seaspan 
Value:  $3,443,549
Completion:  July 2017
Contact:  John Caulfield, Company Representative
Tel:  (250) 893-7999
Description:  The project included; demolition of existing barge berth structures including concrete abutments and buried anchor structures; bulk excavation of approximately 34,000m3 of fill, with approximately 20,000m3 under water by means of 750 excavator with long-reach boom and GPS controlled operation; off-site disposal of surplus materials, following screening operations; excavation and placement of aggregates for construction of new barge ramp abutments; production in Northwest Bay Quarry of approximately 7,500m3 of riprap and filter rock armouring, and placement to design grade of all rock armour products on new design slopes.

City of Kimberley- Mark Creek Flume Managament & Stream Rehabilitaion

City of Kimberley - Project No.  15.27.2
Project:  Mark Creek Flume Management and Stream Rehabilitation - Phase 2-2015
Value:  $3,351,000
Completion:  January 2016
Contact:  Don Schacher, City representative
Tel:  (250) 427-9661
Description:  The project included; removal and disposal of 300 lineal metres of existing reinforced concrete flume and four bridges; design, construct and maintain temporary system to bypass creek flows around the site and construct rock stack walls, habitat features and concrete channel and wing walls, including shotcrete slop protection for excavations abutting existing structures.

City of Nanaimo- Colliery Dam Spillway Construction

City of Nanaimo
Project:  Colliery Dam Spillway Construction
Value:  $3,207,000
Completion:  July 2016
Contact:  Steve Ricketts, City representative
Tel:  (250) 758-5222
Description:  The project included; construction of auxiliary spillway for the lower Chase River Dam, which included; tree removal, clearing and grubbing; stripping and disposal of excess soil; foundation prep, forming, concrete pouring and stripping of an auxiliary spillway; foot passenger bridge construction; and back filling and clean up.

Nanaimo Port Authority- Duke Point Interim Barge Terminal Construction

Nanaimo Port Authority (PIM)
Project:  Duke Point Interim Barge Terminal Construction
Value:  $1,351,000
Completion:  December 2015
Contact:  Brian Thacker
Tel:  (250) 746-7272
Description:  The project included; installation of a 447 lock block wall within tidal waters; working at night within tidal windows, and in strict accordance with environmental requirements. 

Island Timberlands- Duke Point Log Sort Expansion

Island Timberlands
Project:  Island Terminals, Duke Point Log Sort Expansion 
Value:  $1,300,051
Completion:  August 2014
Contact:  Kraig Urbanoski, Island Timberlands
Tel:  (250) 468-6817
Description: The project included; stripping, blasting, loading, hauling and compacting rip rap and filter rock as part of a foreshore in-fill project to allow the expansion of a log sort.