Copcan Civil believes safety and protection of the environment is paramount in every aspect of our operations.

With strong leadership and a vision, the Gregson family, has created a company that employs upwards of 150 people during peak seasons and has retained its reputation as a company that can complete projects “on time” and “on budget” to the highest quality. Our operations range from Construction Management and Civil Construction, to Lowbedding and Aggregate Sales, and everything in-between. For more detailed information see our Services section.

Andrew Copley, Project Manager; Jeremy Cummins, Project Coordinator; and Doug Ratcliffe, Site Superintendent of Copcan provided a high level of customer service to VIU, and were very proactive in finding solutions to the many challenges that were presented.  Whenever issues arose, they were dealt with quickly and efficiently.  I am pleased to say the project was successfully delivered to VIU with a high level of workmanship, and I can confidently provide a recommendation for any future work.


- Drew Taylor, Vancouver Island University
The Gregson family has been road building and land clearing in British Columbia for more than 30 years.

Formed in 1985, the name “COPCAN” was derived from “Copper Canyon”, the location of the first project undertaken by the new company. The business has continued to grow and diversify to include an infrastructure to support all operations. This includes a mechanics and welding shop in Nanaimo, a yard in Kelowna and an office in Rossland. It has been essential to the rapid growth of the company to assemble a qualified team, which includes the Gregson brothers, Dave and John, as well as key operation managers, locally and in the field.

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One of the most trusted construction companies in BC, Copcan Civil coordinates and delivers civil construction projects with innovation, technical expertise and uncompromising quality. Whether we work as a general contractor, civil contractor, or a team of excavating contractors, our team delivers high-quality, sustainable solutions to each and every client. From commercial building to leasehold improvements and aggregate sales, find out how our services can make your next project a success.

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