Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure – Galloway Passing Lane

The project included; quality management, traffic management, survey layout, clearing and grubbing, organic striping, profile milling, pavement removal, type “D” roadway and drainage excavation and surcharge removal; supply and place granular material, supply and install culverts, supply and install primer and tack coat, supply and place asphalt pavement; class 1 (16mm) medium mix, level course, asphalt bottom lift, asphalt middle lift, asphalt top lift, remove concrete roadside barriers (CRB), remove and dispose of existing signs, culverts and catch basins; supply and install new signs and posts, shouldering, site restoration, removal, supply, and installation of fencing, and clean-up.

Project Details
Highway No. 3/93 Galloway Eastbound Passing Lane
July 2017
Ross Bain, Ministry Representative, Associated Engineering
(250) 977-5114